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Improving the productivity of container terminals when loading empty freight (ISO) containers on and off container ships 


BLOK-Container Systems is pioneering new and efficient ways to handle containers at the quayside and providing opportunities for container terminals. Starting initially with the BLOK-BEAM product the company has continued to refine the system and has important new products awaiting international patent: the BLOK-spreader is stationed at the port and converts a single spreader into a tandem spreader able to lifts BLOKS of 2 columns or 3 in one lift; BLOK-trailers jig the containers together ready for locking and shipping and BLOK-locks work alongside SATS and are used to lock the containers together in one secure BLOK ready for shipping. 

Every day, millions of empty containers are shipped worldwide 

The ‘BLOK- Container System’ has been designed to enhance safety and efficiency of container terminals. Not only is it safer on the quay, the deck and at sea, but it speeds handling of containers and turnaround of container ships. 
In 2012 ‘The World Shipping Council’ estimated the equivalent of over 14 million twenty foot container equivalents (TEU) were returned empty from Europe and North America back to the Far East because there was no cargo for the return journey, ‘The Empty Leg’. This imbalance continues to the present day. 

BLOK-Container System 

The BLOK-Container System works like this. Containers are formed into blocks (‘BLOKs’) before the ship arrives during normal working hours. The BLOKs are then transported to the quay and craned onto the ship in BLOKs of 4, 6 or 8 containers. 
The BLOKs are assembled two containers high ‘off quay’ by teams of Stevedores using a special jigging trailer called a BLOK-Trailer. The BLOK-Trailer once loaded, is towed to the quayside by just one driver, one tractor ready for lifting. The STS crane uses its existing tandem, twin or single spreaders. A BLOK-Spreader is available which for a four BLOK System enables tandem spreaders to lift three or four columns of containers, a twin lift spreader to lift up eight teu, and a single spreader to lift four 20fts or four 40fts at a time. 


The BLOK-Container System will increase your productivity by four, six or eight times. 
BLOKs can be assembled ahead of time, providing a balanced work load which allows stevedores to work easily and safely during normal working hours. With the BLOK Container System it is possible to raise lifting rates from a present average of 30 containers per hour, to between 120 and 240 per hour, a massive increase in productivity. 

   Why BLOK-Container Systems? 

For Ports and Terminals the BLOK-Container System offers 
Safety with no dangerous twistlock fitting on the quayside 
Safety with reduced container lashing and unlashing on deck by more than 50 percent 
Speed with 120 to 240 containers in an hour with existing Ship to Shore container cranes 
Expansion of capacity without building more quays or purchasing more cranes 
Less fuel consumption, less wear, less maintenance of machines 
For Shipping Lines the BLOK-Container Systems offers 
Safer operations on deck 
Safety at sea with improved lashing 
Quicker turnaround 
Reduced operational time and cost. 
"On an Asia-Europe round-trip the time spent in port has increased from 12 days in 2007 to 18 days. If we can't lift the containers off faster, the whole thing will come to a grinding halt" 
Søren Skou, Maersk CEO 2015 
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