Selwyn and the team of product engineers at BLOK Container Systems are pioneering new container terminal equipment designed to maximise the efficient use of STS Cranes and improve productivity by 30% or more. 
Vessels have become progressively taller and wider but in port, this tends to reduce the pace of loading and unloading. Container terminals have the challenge to try and turn around large vessels faster and this is difficult to achieve with cranes alone. 
BLOK equipment removes a range of obstacles to more efficient container handling that have hitherto been difficult to overcome: the mechanical fitting and removal of twistlocks; multiple handling of containers; the safety of HTL and VTL Tandem Lifting empties, jigging of pairs of containers for tandem operations and the faster movement of multiple containers around the quay. 
BLOK Spreaders are a 10 second clip-on attachment enabling two empty containers to be lifted side by side in Horizontal Tandem Lifting (HTL). 
BLOK Rigs are semi-automatic twistlocking machines, operated by remote control, which allow for safer and quicker fitting and removal of SATs and FATs from containers. BLOK Rigs can be paired for tandem operations. 
BLOK Container Systems have solved the safety and speed problems for VTL. Now all terminals can safely lift 8 teu of containers in two columns of Vertical Tandem Lift (VTL) made safe by the BLOK Cert proof test and certification. For VTL, each pair of empty containers is coupled together, proof tested, inspected, certified and coded safe-to-lift using the patented BLOK Rig and BLOK Cert system. Use it for STS cranes, straddle carriers and reach stackers 
BLOK Trailers are double width trailers ideal for tandem container handling which enable a single tug tractor or autonomous vehicle to transport 4 teu of laden containers or 8 teu of empties for much more efficient transfer of containers around the quayside. 
The BLOK website includes an interactive Solution Builder which enables individual terminals to calculate at the push of a button how to maximise crane efficiency savings the using all or any BLOK products. 
Increased crane efficiency makes possible faster turnaround of vessels which has many advantages including fuel saving and emissions reduction, in port and at sea, through facilitating the maintenance of vessel schedules. 
Maximising crane efficiency and moving containers more quickly is an excellent way to improve productivity while also helping to reduce fuel use and emissions. Turnaround time in port is also critical to maintaining the most efficient schedules for shipping lines 
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