BLOK Container Systems is unveiling a comprehensive range of equipment for multiple handling at TOC Europe 2019.The range is designed to deliver and maintain the benefits of faster loading and unloading throughout the handling process by saving time, equipment and emissions. The product range includes: BLOK Spreaders, BLOK Trailers, BLOK Rigs and BLOK Cert, a certification system for Vertical Tandem Lifting. 
BLOK Spreaders are autonomous, lightweight adaptors for single or twin lift STS spreaders that facilitate lifting two containers side by side, Horizontal Tandem Lifting (HTL) or four containers in two columns of Vertical Tandem Lift (VTL). The electro-hydraulic spreaders fit and remove in seconds, are cell guide and hatch cover compatible and have an infinitely adjustable tandem separating distance up to 1600mm which is compatible for use with straddle carriers. 
BLOK Trailers are double width Trailers which allow a single tug tractor to transport up to 8 teu ant once for efficient transfer of containers around the quayside. The BLOK Trailer is perfectly suited to tandem lifting operations since it receives and feeds containers in perfect alignment for the lift and allows maximum efficiency for STS cranes. 
BLOK Rigs are semi-automatic lashing platforms for safe and efficient fitting and removal of twistlocks (SATs). BLOK Rigs can be deployed under the STS crane or elsewhere on in the yard and can be used for building up VTL units. With BLOK Cert, BLOK Rigs can be used for proof testing VTL units. BLOK Rigs, when used with BLOK Spreaders and BLOK Trailers can increase container handling speed by up to four times.. 
BLOK Cert is a patent applied for system for certifying that a pair of empty containers together with their four SAT twistlocks can be lifted in Vertical Tandem Lift (VTL) by STS cranes safely. Once provided the BLOK Cert is held on the Shipping Line Stowage System and the receiving port Terminal Operating System so that empty containers can be safely and confidently lifted in VTL in the knowledge that they have been proof tested, inspected and certified for safe operation. 
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