The next year 2020 is set to be an exciting one for BLOK Container Systems as our equipment progresses from quayside trials and recent ship activity to sustained use trials loading and unloading at a London container terminal. 
The planned activity uses the BLOK Spreader to double the speed of loading and unloading empty containers and the BLOK Rigs to fit and remove semi-automatic twistlocks (SATS) which connect both empty and laden containers for safe transit on board ship. A pair of containers in horizontal tandem lift (side by side) uses two BLOK Rigs side by side to fit or remove eight SATS simultaneously. Laden containers will be handled singly with individual BLOK Rigs fitting or removing four SATs at a time. 
Both the BLOK Spreaders and BLOK Rigs boost efficiency and offer considerable time savings. Using the Rigs also has safety advantages for quayside operatives replacing the need for the manual fitting and removal of SATS from containers. 
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