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An Industry Revolution is about to start 
An Industry Revolution is about to start 
$1 Billion per year can be saved in the industry every year by blocking and lifting 6 containers at a time. Singamas is going to show you how. Their Ship to Shore Crane will demonstrate it. QSOE will show you how to block the containers together. Blok Beam Ltd will explain how to start immediately making these savings compliant with IMO and OSHA 
Time and Location 
Monday 28 November 2016, Reception from 10:00 am, Demonstration at 11:00am at Singamas QSOE (Alongside the Chongqi Bridge on the north bank of Yangtze River). No.1 Taiping Road, Huiping Town, Qidong City, Jiangsu Province, PRC 226262 
At QSOE: Cathy Yim. Tel: (852) 2588 9222 
At BLOK BEAM Ltd: John Evans Tel +44 161 456 4896 mobile +44 7814123431 
The 6 times faster System 
The BLOK BEAM system forms empty containers into blocks of six (3x2), to which two BLOK BEAMS are attached. BLOKs can be lifted on and off ships using existing cranes and their spreaders, loading six containers at once! 
Empty containers account for 20% of all containers lifted. BLOK-BEAMs can save the Shipping Lines $1 BILLION per year in empty lifts, turnarounds, accidents, losses at sea. 
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