As container ships have become bigger this has helped drive efficiency for shipping lines based on economies of scale. 
But as ships have become higher and particularly wider it has been difficult for cranes to keep pace and ships may experience longer wait times for loading and discharge. If this results in schedule delays this can result in higher fuel use and emissions as vessels attempt to catch up. 
Replacing cranes is extremely expensive and with these issues in mind BLOK Container Systems has developed a range of products which help maximise the efficiency of the existing crane investment enabling cranes to move more containers every hour at relatively low cost. 
BLOK products address two major constraints to faster container handling. Firstly, by addressing the manual twistlock processes and secondly, by removing barriers to the handling of multiple containers in one lift. 
The BLOK Rig is a semi-automatic machine that is remotely controlled and mechanically fits and removes semi-automatic twistlocks (SATS) reducing the process to less than ten seconds for laden and empty containers and can handle the twistlocks of two containers side by side, simultaneously for tandem lift operations. 
The BLOK Spreader locks onto a standard single spreader and is ready for work in 20 seconds immediately doubling crane productivity for empty container handling. which can be up to 50 % of containers loaded in many ports. 
BLOK Trailers are double width trailers perfect for tandem processes at it eliminates the need for single trailers to line up, and allows one tug tractor to move 8 teu empty or 4 teu laden to and from the crane. 
BLOK Cert facilitates safe Vertical Tandem Lifting of empty containers by proof testing and certifying each pair of containers and their twistlocks as ‘safe for lifting’. In partnership with BLOK Spreaders this means that four 40’ containers can be loaded in one move. 
BLOK equipment delivers STS crane productivity improvements of up to 30%, at a small fraction of the cost of a new crane, maximising terminal returns and efficiency and delivering better customer service to the shipping lines. The savings that can be obtained by each individual terminal can be calculated using the Solution Builder on the BLOK website. 
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