The new BLOK Container Systems ‘Solution Builder’ enables managers of container terminals to quickly identify the percentage crane efficiency savings that are possible by introducing items from the innovative, new, BLOK product range. 
Crane use efficiency is a key performance indicator (KPI) for container terminals as cranes represent the largest single container port equipment investment. 
By applying simple data such as Trailer/AVG or Straddle Carrier terminal and use of Single or Tandem Spreaders, a tailored calculation is offered using the Solution Builder. The result is further refined be entering data on the container handling profile of the terminal, such as the percentage of inbound or outbound containers that are empty and the proportion of containers that are the most common 40 feet length. 
Options are then revealed at the click of a ‘calculate productivity increase’ button. The outputs are truly eye opening. 
For example, Straddle Carrier Terminals currently using Single Spreaders could increase their crane efficiency by 47% or more by using BLOK Rigs for automated twistlock removal and BLOK Spreader adaptors for tandem lifting ‘empties’ all depending on the mix of containers they handle. 
Likewise trailer terminals could boost crane productivity by 39% or more by using BLOK Rigs and double width BLOK Trailers for moving containers to and from the crane. 
The savings are also likely to make any terminal more attractive to shipping lines if the result is faster vessel turnaround. Helping maintain shipping line schedules is crucial. Vessels getting behind through late arrival or slow turnaround and racing to reach the next destination on time is a waste of increasingly expensive ‘low sulphur’ fuel and damages the environment by increasing emissions. 
Please try the ‘Solution Builder’ and contact BLOK Container Systems for more product details and demonstrations. 
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