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The System currently comprises three products 



• Lifts four containers of any length 20ft, 40ft, 45ft, 53ft. 
• Adapts to Single, Twin and Tandem lift spreaders to lift BLOKs 
• Adapt Single and Twin lift spreaders to lift two (or three) columns of laden or empty containers 


• Safety by preventing toppling on quay, on trailer, on deck 
• Strength by fastening the BLOKs together with two (or four) locks 
• Shear strength prevents loss over board 
• Guard against accidental impact toppling 


• 8 TEU of containers quickly received off the ship 
• Quickly delivered to the ship 
• Accurately jigged 
• Accurately held for faster spreader pick up 
• Automatic twistlock fit and removal off quay 

International patents pending* 

BLOK-Container Systems Compatibility 

The system is compatible with existing infrastructure. On the quayside there are no surprises as the BLOK-Trailers are just five metres wide the same as RTGs. So transporting eight teu in one pull down the quayside is not a problem. One driver replaces four. Likewise, one terminal tractor replaces four. 
STS Cranes are well able to lift 45 tonnes and more these days. So even 10 40fts would not overload the crane and that is contemplated at a future date. Terminal tractors, forklifts, side lifts, reach stackers, gantries rail and rubber tyred, can all be utilised within the system. 
Training to those familiar with container operations, twistlocks, lashings, terminal driving, stacking, crane driving, twistlock consolidation, have little to learn. 
Equipment control can be easier than currently carried out. Each twistlock, each BLOK-Lock, each container, each weighing, can be recorded on the land side before the vessel loading rush. Any damaged container can be sidelined if unsuitable for loading. 

Safety Summary 

Because manpower is now removed from the quayside more than 75 per cent fewer risk events take place such as accidents between vehicles and personnel, stevedores attaching and removing twistlocks, container loads missing trailers, transporters along the road in general, crane location adjustments and so on. 
Stevedores can now inspect, stack, and lash containers into a BLOK, not on the quayside, not on the deck, but in the comfort and therefore safety of working on dry land away from the hazardous loading zone. 
Lifting off the BLOK-Trailer is like any other container, but now fewer lifts are needed, fewer events. 
Once on deck the BLOKs are stacked one on the other with semi-automatic twistlocks deployed, or as preferred SmartLocks. This means that the only lashing operation on deck is with lashing rods. Indeed in the future it is feasible to stack the BLOKs in a staggered stack so that even no lashing rods and no Stevedores are needed on deck at all for empty containers. 

BLOK Container system Features: 

Classification Society design approved, tested, certified, and individually inspected 
Load capacities: up to 60 tonne 
BLOK-Spreaders for single, twin-lift and triple-lift  
Twistlocks preferred Smartlocks, SATs and BLOK-Locks 
Able to be dismantled for inspection, repair and testing 
Construction in high tensile steel throughout 
Hot Dipped Zinc Galvanized for impact and corrosion resistance inside and out 
Low maintenance simple construction which leads to the lowest TCO 
Any customer specification / request can be considered 
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