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BLOK products to improve crane productivity up to 32% 

The BLOK System currently comprises four products which can be used in a ‘pick and mix’ way for different handling systems or all together for maximum crane efficiency. 

BLOK Products 


The BLOK Rig mechanically fits and removes all four semi-automatic twistlocks (SATs) from laden or empty containers in seconds. 
BLOK Rig in use for Laden and Empty containers of any length can increase total Crane Productivity up to 6% and is safer for quayside operatives 


Two BLOK Rigs can be employed side by side for horizontal tandem lifting of laden or empty containers. Two BLOK Rigs can be controlled by a single technician. 
BLOK Rig in HTL mode, 2 x Empty containers, 1 x stevedore, 8 x SATs can increase total Crane Productivity up to 18% and is safer. 
The BLOK Spreader is an autonomous spreader adaptor which clips onto a single spreader in seconds making it able to lift two empty containers side by side in horizontal tandem lift (HTL). 
To enhance crane productivity further the guidelines of the United States, Occupational Safety and Health Administration can be followed with a BLOK Cert proof test for Vertical Tandem Lift (VTL) for VTL Containers prior to lifting onto the vessel resulting in Crane Productivity gains of up to 32 per cent. 
BLOK Spreader HTL and VTL 
VTL – Safe and Certified. The BLOK Spreader is seen proof testing four Empty Containers whilst simultaneously fitting and testing the SATs. 4 times faster STS loading. 
The BLOK Cert system employs a manual check and applies a proof test load to container and twistlocks to verify and certify two empty containers and their connecting twistlocks to certify that they are good and safe for lifting in Vertical Tandem Lift (VTL). When the test is applied the BLOK Cert system electronically generates a certification with the details of the tested container/twistlocks which follows on to the destination port and certifies that the paired containers can be safely handled in VTL. 
Finally, the industry has a safe method of lifting empty containers in VTL. The BLOK Cert system proof tests and inspects each and every container to LOLER Standards to certify and prove that two empty containers and their connecting twistlocks are good and safe for lifting in Vertical Tandem Lift (VTL). 
BLOK Trailers are double width trailers which can carry two 40 ft laden containers or four 40 ft empties. 
The trailers increase on shore productivity through clearing containers from the quay and totally eliminate the difficulties and STS Crane time wasted when lining up two trailers. 

 BLOK Container System Features: 

Classification Society design approved, tested, certified, and individually inspected 
Twistlocks preferred Smartlocks &SATs 
Able to be dismantled for inspection, repair and testing 
Construction in high tensile steel throughout 
Hot Dipped Zinc Galvanized for impact and corrosion resistance inside and out 
Low maintenance simple construction which leads to the lowest TCO 
Any customer specification / request can be considered 
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